Winter and Christmas in Barcelona

by Uma Suites

So, we already are in the last quarter of 2018. Before we know it, we will start using our coats and scarves again, if there's any need to wear them in Barcelona... the temperature in the Catalan capital is rather mild. Maybe that's why we like winter in Barcelona as much as any other season in this city. 

Or maybe it's because the cultural offer doesn't slow down and the places to visit are still there but with fewer people. It's also possible that we like Christmas in Barcelona... just a little (or a lot) and that might have something to do with our love for winter as well.

In case you are thinking of visiting Barcelona in winter and / or see how the city is decorated to celebrate Christmas, we will tell you a few things you can do during your trip.

Christmas in Barcelona


Let's start from the beginning... the first thing that comes with winter is Christmas. In fact, we can say that this festivity starts befire the season change, since the Christmas lights will switch on on the last weekend of November. And with this comes everything else: markets, songs, tacky jumpers, business and family lunches or dinners, secret Santas and gift wrapping, a lot of gift wrapping.

Even if you are not really into any of this, you have to admit that Barcelona gets even more beautiful to celebrate these holidays and that Catalan Christmas traditions have an extravagant point that makes them very fun. Apparently, we, Catalan people, are a little special or a little weird and that's why our Christmas is nothing without what we call the "Tió" and the "caganer".

The first one is a log with a smiling face painted on one end. It would be nice if it wasn't because we have it in the house, we feed it and cover it with a blanket, only to end up hitting it with a stick on December 25 while we sing a typical song in order to make it “poop” gifts. The "caganer", on the other hand, is our favorite figurine of the nativity scene. It is a man who wears traditional Catalan clothes while going number two. We hide it in the nativity scene and finding it becomes a game. The best thing is that now you can find "caganers" of well-known people, from politicians to celebrities, and they are sold in the Christmas markets, located in different spots of the city, being the Cathedral square the most important one.

If you come to Barcelona with children, you will find activities of all kinds so that the little ones can enjoy the festivities in their own way: workshops in La Pedrera, shows in Poble Espanyol, and, of course, the Three Wise Men parade on January 5th.


New Year's Eve in Barcelona


New Year's Eve in Barcelona is just as good as it is in any big European city: party options are many and there also is a free event organised by the council in Montjuïc.

Not everyone wants to end the year with a big celebration, and obviously the way one celebrates New Year's Eve is something very personal, but we will list some options for you to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

- Eat your twleve grapes in Montjuïc. If you don't want to spend money but you want a little show, you can go to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, on Reina Maria Cristina Avenue. The party begins at around 11:30 p.m. and it offers a show with music, light, water and pyrotechnics. All this will surely make the entrance to 2019 memorable.
- The New Year's Eve Party of Poble Espanyol is one of the classics when it comes to celebrating New Year's Eve in Barcelona. The party starts at 10:30pm and lasts until dawn, and we are sure that this edition will be special because it is the 30th consecutive year that it is celebrated.
- Restaurants and clubs are also a good option for those who want it all. It's probably the most expensive option, but you won't have to cook, clean or try to find grapes on any supermarket. Opium, Shoko, Razzmatazz, Pacha Barcelona, Otto Zutz... There are many legendary nightclubs in the city that celebrate New Year's Eve. You just have to choose.


What to do in winter in Barcelona?


Not all winter is Christmas and you might be visitng before or after the holidays. Luckily, Barcelona's cultural offer handles the cold well and remains alive during the winter season.


Why not go to the theater?

It's winter, you've spent most of the day walking around Barcelona and you want to rest but you don't want to stay at the hotel. It sounds familiar, right? Well, it has a great solution: go to the theater. You will find options for all tastes: family shows, opera, and more. You can check the theater program of Barcelona here and choose the type of show, the dates and the language that suits you best.


Winter concerts in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona we are lucky enough to have festivals and concerts even in autumn and winter. Two of the most outstanding festivals are the Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival and the Mil·leni Festival. Thanks to them, you can enjoy some shows that are scheduled in Barcelona in the months of December, January and February. Jazz and soul lovers can not miss the performances of Andrea Motis & Ignasi Terraza, Chicago Mass Choir or the Charleston Gospel Voices, within the jazz festival. However, if this musical genre is not your preference, the Mil·leni Festival gives you other options: Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Marco Mezquida, Nathy Peluso, Adamo, Zahara, Rosana and many more.


Whether you come as a couple or as a family, the Uma Suites apartments in the center of Barcelona will offer you the necessary warmth and comfort for the winter months, as well as allowing you to enjoy the city in your own way, without schedules or interruptions.