A different summer in Barcelona

by Uma Suites

Summer has already arrived, and it seems that good weather is finally here to stay... and we are ready to make the most of it.

Because we know a summer in Barcelona translates to heat and loads of people, but it also translates to summer festivals, beach, open air activities and events for everyone, terraces, and much more. If you are coming to spend you holidays in Barcelona, you can have a look at this alternative summer guide by Uma Suites.

Best exhibitions in Barcelona

Culture doesn't go on holidays, and this makes us very happy. Barcelona counts with many museums that will fulfil all your expectations and interests, such as the MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) in Montjuïc, the MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona) in Raval, or the Museu d'Història de Catalunya in Barceloneta. However, we wanted to point out some of the most interesting exhibitions in Barcelona that will be open to the public this summer (and will have air conditioning).

- The black light. Secret traditions in art since the 1950s: If the title, but especially the subtitle of this exhibition doesn't draw your attention, we don't know what will. Until October 21 you can see up to 350 works by different artists, some more consecrated than others, at the CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona). A display that shows the influence of secret traditions in contemporary art. The CCCB defines this exhibition as an approach without prejudice to art and esoteric beliefss. In short, The Black Light returns the mystery to art through the works of Barnet Newman, Agnes Martin, Antoni Tàpies and Alejandro Jodorowsky, among many others.

- Melanie Smith. Farce and artifice: English by birth but Mexican by choice, this artist - and her work - will not leave you indifferent. With her works, Smith intends to fragment art and break with the preconceived. MACBA brings us a retrospective exhibition of the artist until October 7, which brings together more than 120 works created from the early 1990s until today. From sculptures to videos, paintings and photographs, this is the largest and most exhaustive retrospective of Melanie Smith that has been done in Europe so far. The exhibition is organized according to a series of recurring themes in her work: Abstraction, Urban, Color, Body, Archeology, Nature and Scale.

- Picasso's kitchen: First of all, we recommend not to  see this exhibition if you are hungry, just like when you go to the supermarket. If you visit the Picasso Museum before October 30, you will see a selection of more than 200 works by the artist linked to the world of gastronomy. As the museum explains, it's a "chronological journey of the artist's life that allows us to discover a new perspective framed in the culinary world through painting, sculpture, photography and literary writing". In addition, the exhibition has the collaboration of the famous chef Ferran Adrià, who creates a creative dialogue between Picasso and contemporary cuisine.


Room Escape in Barcelona: let the games begin

Yes, we know it's a trend, we know that everybody does it nowadays, but it's still really cool. And it's also a great plan for when the heat is too much in Barcelona and you don't want to stay outdoors. In case you don't know what this is about, a room escape is a place where you go to get locked in a room and escape in around an hour following clues (the name of the activity is the first clue).

As we just said, it's very popular now, so you will find a lot of possibilities if you are looking for an escape room in Barcelona. If you want a room escape that is suitable for the whole family, you can go to Lostroom and choose between Alice in Wonderland or an Academy of Magic. And in Room of Riddles they will adapt their rooms to make them suitable for kids. If you don't know what you want, we recommend Chicken Banana, where you will be able to choose between three rooms: the Mafia one, the Psychiatry and the Prison; each one with a different level of difficulty. However, if you really want to feel the adrenaline, you can go to Horror Box. The name says it all.

Outdoors activities in Barcelona

An exhibition in the morning, a room escape in the afternoon; let's save the evening for some outdoors fun! At summer you have to stay hydrated, so we strongly recommend you to go to a terrace to have a drink and stay away from the sun for a bit. You will find terraces all over the city; some better than others.

Cafè d'estiu: the perfect place to make a stop if you are walking around the city centre. This café is in the courtyard of the Frederic Marès museum, and you will fall in love with its peaceful ambience.

La Deliciosa Beach Bar: it's not officially a terrace, but a “chiringuito” (beach bar) in la Barceloneta. A vintage and tasty decoration plus good tapas and drinks next to the sea sounds good enough for us.

Yurbban Trafalgar: Is it a hotel? Is it a bar? Is it a terrace? It's all in one! If you are looking for something else, you can go up the Rooftop to enjoy the beautiful 360º views while you have a drink.

Before or after this well-deserved stop, you can go to listen to some music in the parks or to watch a film at the beach or at the Castle of Montjuïc. Not disappointed by Barcelona, right?

And after a day like this, what better than a good night's sleep? If you book your accommodation with Uma Suites and stay at one of the summer apartments in Barcelona, you will feel as if you where at home. A very tastefully, fully equipped, greatly located home. You will be able to recover and get ready for another day exploring Barcelona.


Post Photo: Lock-Clock