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Sitges & Slow food

by Uma Suites

It looks like the warm weather doesn’t want to leave us, and on this sunny autumn what we like the most is to take a walk, to listen to the wave sounds and to enjoy the incredible gastronomy that Sitges has to offer.

There are many restaurants in this village located on the coast of Garraf, and we will show you some of them today in this post, the ones that we believe are worth a visit, to enjoy their healthy and cared cooking, a home-made one, also called Km 0. A wide offer that will show you the local products and the traditional recipes.

We will start with La Salseta, a Km 0 restaurant with a Slow Food philosophy. It is located very close to the Sitges seafront; they offer Mediterranean style cuisine since 1990, committed to an eco-friendly, artisan, and healthy production, with Garraf region goods. It is a pleasant experience to taste their local products, and their customer service always takes care of every detail.

La Nansa, sharing the same philosophy, they mix tradition with good products and a great customer service to offer the best experience to diners. It was one of the first restaurants in claiming local cooking. They offer an open menu based on family traditional recipes, they do research and rediscover plates from the ancient Sitges cooking. They reinterpret classic gastronomy giving it a personal vision and adding local products in their menu. Guess their mark. An A+

Under the slogan “gastronomy, design and nature” we find La Sinia Restaurant. It is a space filled with flavors and fragrances of the best Mediterranean cooking. Furthermore they also offer music performances and “La Sinia Market”: pop-up stores, fashion, design, complements, cosmetics and decoration spaces; live music and fun activities for the little ones. It is the ideal choice for families.

El Vivero, located in a cliff with views over the San Sebastian beach, it offers you different experiences, for night and day time in a unique environment. You will have the opportunity to start your day with a yoga or tai-chi class, to have fun with water activities, to relax with a massage with a sea view and to enjoy the best Mediterranean cooking. They define their gastronomy as a cuisine where all senses are involved, and using local products both in fresh vegetables and fish.

Four different cooking styles, to suit everyone’s taste, and sharing all of them a common interest: to preserve gastronomic local traditions taking into account the product’s origins, flavors, and qualities. Would you like to discover traditional and local gastronomy? You can definitely do it in Sitges.


Header image: El Vivero

Post image: La Salseta